Stephen Cross holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts Degree from Ohio University. It was there that he honed his skills as an illustrator and printmaker. During that time, he mentored with a number of accomplished artists including two of renowned international fame; abstract expressionist Alvin Loving and sculptor Jud Fine. After graduation, he was juried into The Silvermine Guild of Artists in New Canaan, CT where he supervised the guild’s printmaking workshop and exhibited his artwork. In time, he focused his creative on forging a successful commercial career, first as a technical illustrator and then as an art director with Gordon Pearl Advertising. This laid the foundation for his eventual role as a sales and marketing executive within the print-management and fulfillment industry.

Steve is a self-trained photographer who has had a life-long passion for the medium. The sophisticated evolution of digital photography allows him to not only record the beauty of our natural surroundings, but to redefine it. With a keen eye for composition and an intuitive sense of lighting and color management, his most recent images mimic a sublime painterly effect. The pixels making up these images are bent and blended to soften the hard edges and illuminate each one with a radiant inner glow. He refers to this technique as ‘Photo Impressionism’.